Double Happy 4.0

Double Happy 4.0: Double Happy is a social Tennis Doubles event organizer Double Happy is a social Tennis Doubles event organizer. It makes it simple and even fun, to run social doubles events for Tennis or any sport or activity played with partners. Double Happy assigns, round by round, a mix of players for up to 21 courts and 200 players. You can run events live or prepare everything in advance.

Double Password 1.21: Double Password: lock your computer and take your key away. No key-no access
Double Password 1.21

Double Password creates a key to your OS, writes it onto a USB gadget and voila: no one, except you can log into your Windows! You can configure the program so, that it will allow your system to operate only if your flash drive is inserted. Double Password features special protection against password spies – a special encryption method. Double Password can turn almost any USB gadget into a smart security token. No key - no access!

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Double Strollers 1.0

Double Strollers toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find double baby stroller resources. Easily have all the double strollers resources you need to make an informed decision right in your browser toolbar.

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Tams11 Domino Toe

Domino Toe is similar to Chicken Foot. Play starts with a double (the spinner,) then you build off of that double. When another double bone is placed, the bones are cleared and the new double becomes the spinner. Play ends when someone is out of bones or when no one can play a bone. Players receive points equal to the total sum of dots on all their remaining bones. After the allotted amount of rounds have been played, lowest score wins.

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Side-By-Side Explorer 4.0: SBS handles Windows Explorer (the OS file manager) from the system tray.
Side-By-Side Explorer 4.0

SBS handles Windows Explorer (the OS file manager) from the system tray. Click to open one centered Explorer. Double-click to open a pair of side-by-side Explorers. Use the Menu Builder to create custom Explorer configurations in the context menu. Each session (single or double) has its own tray icon. Click icon to hide, show, join. switch, etc., independent of other windows on screen. Make a double session out of two singles. Unicode/UTF-8.

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Dominoes 1.0.0: Can you be crowned king of dominoes?
Dominoes 1.0.0

double." All combinations of numbers on the tiles are unique so that no two tiles are the same. When the game begins, each player will be dealt 7 tiles. The player who holds the highest double, or the highest rank of tiles if neither player is holding a double, will start the game. The two players will take turns to place a tile onto the table. During your turn, you can choose a tile in your hand which has a matching number of pips on one side with

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Battletoads and Double Dragon 1.0: It is pretty fast, fun, fighting.
Battletoads and Double Dragon 1.0

Five playable characters are now available – Zitz, Rash and Pimple from Battletoads, and Jimmy and Billy from Double Dragon. Each fighter has their own style, yet the gameplay remains consistent no matter whom you choose. The action is definitely more Battletoads than Double Dragon, but Rare does a fine job at connecting the two universes without making it seem forced or arbitrary.

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